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Bring Bear in the Big Blue House back to Playhouse Disney and get rid of Bunnytown

Bear in the Big Blue House was a great, wholesome show that taught our kids great things.  Along with that, it was a favorite with kids that even parents could stand to watch.  Now, we have Bunnytown.  That is about the most annoying show we've seen since Barney and Teletubbies!  Most kids won't even watch it!  Kids STILL ask to watch Bear!  We like the new Playhouse Disney Live at the Disney Parks, but we wish Bear was still a part of that, as well.

So bring back BEAR IN THE BIG BLUE HOUSE and get rid of BUNNYTOWN!!!

For that matter, the old Winnie the Pooh cartoons were a lot better than My Friends Tigger and Pooh! But, at least we can stand to watch it with our kids, unlike Bunnytown!

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