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Signatures for Bring Bear in the Big Blue House back to Playhouse Disney and get rid of Bunnytown

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1 HeatherLyon Even if all you do is just bring Bear back and keep Bunnytown!!!
2 TambriaLyon I support this cause because I remember as a kid and growing up that all the good shows on tv for kids have been disappearing!
3 KristineMcKeeth  
4 LindaWilliams I agree! Bunnytown is dumb. Bear in the big blue house taught some really good things. Bunnytown is just full of silly British humor. Not much learning going on there....
5 SaralynMusick I Loved Bear in the Big Blue House. Sooo like coming home.
6 CamilleProtti Hey this is a great show! My kids watched this show since it started. And I think a next generation should see the magic it has. Don;t take it off the air!
7 rochellefaust i have a 5-year-old boy and every time we go to the library, he ALWAYS borrows a video tape for the BEAR IN THE BIG BLUE HOUSE... right now, when he is in the disney channel, everytime the bunnytown and the wiggles are on, he would change the channel.
8 LindaLyon  
9 CarolWitt Bear in the Big Blue House was one of the few shows for children that taught valuable lessons. Please bring it back on air.